Fawry Pay

EgyGamer offers Fawry service to facilitate the payments processes.

We always strive to develop and provide maximum comfort to our valued customers.


  1. What is Fawry Payment?

Fawry is a payment method, offering financial services to consumers and businesses.


  1. How can I pay through fawry?

First, you must place an order from Egygamer site, then you will receive a code of transaction you can use it when you pay at fawry.


  1. Is Fawry Available in a certain place?

More than 75 thousand locations and a variety of channels you can pay through it.


  1. Is there a certain time for pay?

You have 24 hours only to pay, after that if you didn’t pay your order will be canceled automatically.


  1. If I want to return my order, how can I get my money back?

There is no problem in retrieving the product, but first the product must be in the same condition as it used to be.

The amount will be converted into a voucher purchase you can use upon request again.


  1. Is there any confirmation I will receive when I pay the payment?

Yes, you will receive an SMS & Email confirming that your payment is completed.


  1. My Validity time was expired for payment; Can I place new order?

Yes, Sure you can place a new order and you will receive a new code.