EgyGamer is specialized company in video games field and everything related to it.

Always seeking for progress and success.EgyGamer provide everything it has to make her valued customer staisfy.


What does EgyGamer offer?

EgyGamer offers everything related to Video Games World:

  • Games for PlayStation 4 and playstation 3
  • Games for Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Games for Nintendo Switch

also EgyGamer sell Consuls and Accessories.



EgyGamer's Journey! 

The Founder of EgyGamer was obsessed with video games and a good follower of everything that related to this World.

EgyGamer started by simple idea and not focused on business. The founder decided in 2008 to buy a forum's domain to create video gamers community and play online.

After one year 2009 the company headed to video games trading at the same time of uncharted 2 launch of PlayStation 3 as a first game sold on, and this was the first distinctive step in this field.

The first headquarter of EgyGamer opened in 2011 in Mansoura city, and it then moved to 6th of October city in Giza government 2016.

The development is becoming more and more, so that EgyGamer has become one of the largest and most famous online companies specializing in the field of video games inside and outside Egypt

and soon will opened our first branch